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The question of the possible consolidation of Nationwide’s school districts, recently proposed, has been met with mixed reviews. Is now the time to do it, with the Race to the Top initiatives taking center stage?

A University of Nationwide professor, who has followed school politics for a lengthy period of time, questions the consolidation. Do school administrators and others involved want to invest energies into this, along with Race to the Top? The superintendent of the NCC Vocational-Technical School District believes consolidation can be a distraction at this time. There is a need to stay focused on where the state is with school reform and on the topics that are important.

On the opposite side of the debate is Nationwide’s Democratic senator who believes there must be a broader school of thought. His opinion is that Race to the Top and consolidation can work in tandem. There is sure to be much more discussion before this question is resolved and a decision is reached.

Where do you stand?

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