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Students at Back to Basics LearningAccording to a study by Dr. Harris Cooper, professor of psychology at the University of Missouri-Columbia, “when students return to school after a long summer vacation, they’ve lost one to three months worth of learning. The study, which was outlined in an article on summer learning for FamilyEducation.com, is troubling for many parents.

So, how best to combat dreaded Summer Brain Drain?  Keeping your child somewhat structured and keeping to a schedule, even though it’s summer, is essential. And, don’t forget to “sneak in” some fun learning opportunities!

Here are some subject-specific suggestions::


  • Pick a sports team to follow and chart their stats
  • Keep a thermometer outside and track the temperature
  • Do some cooking together and measure ingredients


  • Make a calendar and draw pictures on it and list daily events
  • Start a scrapbook and put small descriptions under the photos
  • Write letters to a child at camp and have them write back


  • Talk to mature residents in the neighborhood and compare notes from the past to now
  • Draw a map of places for an upcoming vacation and color in the states as you see their “Welcome To…” signs
  • Research different countries then visit an ethnic grocery related to the same place and try its food


  • Set an example and let your child see YOU reading
  • Join a summer reading program at the local library
  • Have an older sibling read aloud to younger ones

At Back to Basics, we offer many ways to avoid Summer Brain Drain. Kids can take part in enrichment opportunities like educational summer camps, learn a new language or subject, prepare for the SATs or ACTs, or use the summer to earn original high school credit. Back to Basics also offers 1-on-1 instruction in 60+ subjects, including summer reading and assistance with school-assigned reading lists.

For more information about exciting summer opportunities at Back to Basics, please call 302-594-0754.

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