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LOGO_medium (1)Many colleges now accept either the SAT or ACT test, so it benefits students to decide the test they are best suited for, according to their skills. For example, the ACT tests a student’s knowledge of what was learned in high school. If a pupil has received good grades in challenging courses, the ACT may be a good choice.

SATs are more of a reasoning test and measure aptitude. A student with good deductive skills may find the SATs are a better fit. Below are some key differences between the two tests in four basic areas:

CONTENT: ACTs focus on grammar and punctuation and contain four sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science. SATs emphasize vocabulary and contain three sections: Critical Reading, Math, and Writing.

STRUCTURE: ACTs are all multiple choice questions and the level of difficulty is fairly consistent throughout. The test contains about 215 questions. SATs require some student-generated answers and the difficulty increases as the test progresses. There are only 140 questions. Both test require the same amount of time, so students have significantly less time per question with the ACTs.

STRATEGY: The ACT does not penalize for wrong answers. If time is running out, guesses are suggested on unknown or unfinished questions. The SAT does penalize for incorrect answers, so it is best to eliminate two choices if possible, then make an educated guess at your answer.

SCORING: Each section of the ACT counts for 36 points and then a composite score is obtained by averaging the four sections. SATs can earn a maximum of 800 points per section.

No matter which test your child decides to take, he doesn’t have to prepare alone! Back to Basics Learning Dynamics tutors will work with your student 1-on-1 to focus on the exact areas he needs improvement in the most. Not only will subject matter be addressed, but also timing and test taking strategies, such as pacing and “educated guessing.”

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