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boy_readingAn educational consultant and advocate is often necessary when parents are considering making transitions between schools, or when students are experiencing difficulties with their academics. Additionally, when parents are confused by all of the education lingo and numerous decisions to be made regarding their child’s immediate and long-term future, they turn to an educational consultant.

Consulting specialties include:

  • Simplifying the education process for parents
  • Learning disabilities
  • IEP meetings or school conferences
  • Advocating for your child’s academic, emotional & social needs

You may need an educational consultant when:

  • You have received the results of educational testing on your child and need help interpreting the report.
  • The school your child attends calls a meeting to recommend special education placement.
  • You are considering homeschooling (either on your own or through an outside agency).
  • You need guidance regarding any aspect of your student’s schooling.
  • You need to know what options you have as a parent in terms of the best education for your child.
  • You don’t know where to turn when your adolescent continues to do poorly in school, year after year.
  • You are afraid you may make a wrong educational decision which will impact your child for years to come.
  • You don’t know whose opinion to trust anymore and you need an unbiased viewpoint.
  • You are not certain whether you should have your child repeat a grade.
  • You become overwhelmed by feedback from too many sources regarding your student.
  • You are confused by all the education lingo (L.D, A.D.D. A.D.H.D, Asperger’s, IEP and more).
  • You aren’t sure when and how your high school student should prepare for and take the SAT.

Often, a seasoned professional is just the answer in these situations. An educational consultant will greatly reduce the stress a parent goes through in trying to raise a well-rounded child and can become a bridge between their child and the school, acting as a support in school meetings and conferences.

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