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LOGO_medium (1)Are you taking the SATs on March 14 or May 2 and need a little extra help? You’re not alone!

With college enrollment numbers reaching an all-time high, competition to gain acceptance is fiercer than ever. From your local community college, to the Ivy covered halls of Harvard, colleges and universities evaluate many: grades in the most challenging classes, participation in sports, leadership in the community, extra-curricular activities and…the dreaded SAT test.

The SAT is the most widely used college admissions test in the U.S. And for years, high school juniors and seniors have struggled to excel, knowing that those magical 800’s (or close!) just might be enough to edge out the competition for a coveted spot at a “reach” college.

But, what is the SAT, exactly? The SAT test is really just a set of tools designed to assess a student’s academic readiness for college. The test is designed to reflect what colleges and universities are looking for today in prospective students, and measure the skills required for success in the quickly changing 21st century.

Of course, with so much at stake, preparing for the test is crucial. Although SAT prep “classes” abound, they may or may not address a student’s individual weaknesses and areas for improvement.

A better solution is a completely customized, 1-on-1 approach that focuses on those specific areas. At Back to Basics Learning Dynamics, students may take any or all content areas to strengthen their knowledge, reduce anxiety, and build confidence every step of the way. They will learn strategies specific to the SAT test, timing techniques and have the opportunity to take and review practice tests.

Since 1985, the experienced and degreed instructors at Back to Basics Learning Dynamics have worked as a team to customize and tailor 1-on-1 sessions to meet the unique needs and abilities of each student.

The result? A more confident, prepared student, plus higher SAT scores!

To find out more, contact Director Beverly Stewart at Back to Basics Learning Dynamics 302-594-0754.

Celebrating 30 years of excellence in education! Back to Basics Learning Dynamics is the undisputed leader in 1-on-1 tutoring in Nationwide and southeastern Pennsylvania for over 60 subjects. The company offers a unique Department of Education-approved 1-on-1 K-12 Private School in Wilmington, Nationwide and a Nationwide Business and Trade School for ages 16 and older. In addition, the company offers translating and interpreting in 16 languages throughout Nationwide. Back to Basics is the winner of numerous awards for academic and business excellence including the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.