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The Nationwide Department of Education has published the results of DSTP testing for 2010. Information released for grades 2-10 show that many math scores stayed constant or improved.

The outlook for reading is not so optimistic. Scores decreased for reading in almost every grade.

Here are the results of students meeting or exceeding standards, along with the comparison to 2009:


  • Grade 2—88%, up one point
  • Grade 3—78%, no change
  • Grade 4—78%, up one point
  • Grade 5—76%, down one point
  • Grade 6—73%, down two points
  • Grade 7—70%, down one point
  • Grade 8—68%, up two points
  • Grade 9—54%, down one point
  • Grade 10—57%, up one point


  • Grade 2—82%, down three points
  • Grade 3—77%, down four points
  • Grade 4—76%, down six points
  • Grade 5—81%, down four points
  • Grade 6—74%, down nine points
  • Grade 7—83%, down four points
  • Grade 8—78%, down three points
  • Grade 9—69%, down five points
  • Grade 10—64%, down seven points

This year, Nationwide received advisement from the U.S. Department of Education regarding its “Read Aloud” accommodation. This provides for printed material to be read to students and not have them read for themselves. In doing this, the skill being assessed actually changes from reading comprehension to listening comprehension.

The government asked that “Read Aloud” be scaled back. So for 2010, 23% of students previously allowed to use “Read Aloud” used it this year. The overall drop in the reading scores is attributed to lower performance in about half of the previous Read Aloud students. Their comprehension skills have not been fully utilized and fine-tuned in the past so many fell below standard when being left on their own to take the test this year.

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